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RIP the distaff side

There is a sublime insanity that has infested the world over the past forty to fifty years – the idea that women should be equal to men! Not only has this insanity been allowed to flourish and spread, absolutely no-one has asked a question that is simply begging to be asked:-

Why have women allowed themselves to be conned into believing that assuming part of the mantle of masculinity makes them equal?”

There seems to be no real reason that women ever thought themselves inferior and yet they allowed militant feminists to convince them that they were. Just a few screeching harridans have denied women their proper place in society and, in consequence, have helped to demolish that society to such a degree that now, nobody has a proper place.

The cost of women’s liberation has been horrendous!

The most damaging cost has been to the structure of the family and the society based upon it. Men have never been capable of taking full responsibility for the care and welfare of their children. A few exceptions might exist but basically, we are a matriarchal society. We have been cared for and nurtured for hundreds of years by women in their proper superior place – at the controls of the family.

The liberation of women removed their hands from the tiller and we have seen society flushed down the tubes as a result.

Once, men were content to work in the belief that they were free agents while women were quietly confident in their own superiority. The ancient drives of hunter gatherer were sublimated by the acts of going to work, earning money and supporting the woman and children in his life. Once women demanded a share of the available work, men found themselves competing in a work-force that had, potentially, doubled (which, of course, has nothing to do with high unemployment rates). They discovered that the structure that had made nations great had been sabotaged so badly that his place in it was no longer clear.

Women, in their desperation to be equal, allowed themselves to be manipulated into accepting much lower wages for the same work and so, taking the legs from under their men.

Some women fooled themselves into thinking that their extra income was a blessing to the family where, in fact, it was simply a curse. Her wages became like a cancer eating away at the self esteem and  self confidence of her partner. Every dollar she earned was like a knife in his guts while he smiled and tried to accept that she still needed him.

Equality for women meant lowering themselves from a position of control and influence to one in which they were simply one more bread winner.

Equality for men was an absolute disaster.

After centuries of playing the lord of the manor, he had to try to emulate the superior abilities and attitudes of women. He had to start to take some responsibility for the welfare of his family from a nurturing point of view – something that men are really not suited for in the long term. This unsuitability is now painfully obvious as we watch the new generations becoming more and more stupid, belligerent and self centred. With two wages coming into their homes, the younger generations have seen that they can condition their parents into giving them everything they want by timing their demands at the most propitious moments.

The dragging down of women by their lunatic sisters has caused irreparable damage.

Society is no longer ordered and the men in charge no longer seek the wise counsel of their women as they once used to do.

Now we find that women have so debased themselves that they want to take on another aspect of manhood – the guiltless slaughter of the innocent.

Just as men have always killed, women are now seeking to under-line their equality by insisting upon their own unique form of slaughter – abortion.

Society has paid, and continues to pay, a very high price for dragging women down to the level of men. I fear there is now no hope for the human race. Without women in charge, it is like a great leviathan rampaging in a china shop.

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