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The perniscious smugness of PMA

Although PMA is supposed to be a religion which preaches the strength and power of positive thought, it is also a perniscious creation that will convert even the most reasonable of people into arrogant, blustering fools.

A major problem when you spend all your time being so positive that you are the best person you could possibly be is that you do not have the time necessary to make it so. Your brain becomes confused because it can see, even if you can’t that there is something wrong with the picture.

If your claim is valid, there should be nothing missing from your life. You should be a success and have all the attributes that you associate with being successful – but that is NEVER the case, is it? People who smuggly proclaim their positive attitude will usually also explain how it is going to make them very successful and wealthy. Please note, GOING TO!

Followers of the church of PMA are usually to be found in the great mass of workers in what could be called the guts of the commercial world. They are usually minions who, like the cogs of a machine, simply exist to keep the wheels turning and society in a state of stagnation.

Although the religion of PMA precludes the concept of “luck”, those who do not worship at that altar will know that society is created from two very distinct groups of people.

a) Those who control significant resources and consider it their right to acquire even more resources to control and

b) Those who work on behalf of those in the first group to ensure that they maintain ownership of what they have  AND to ensure that none of this group make any attempt to ensure that the control of more resources is denied to them. Despite a world that is populated and driven by greed, the controlling group has such a tight control over the rest of society that there is never any danger that there will be a general complaint about how unfair the system is.

Adherents of PMA are very numerous but they do not form anything like a united front against inequality. How is it possible for a group of PMA worshippers to gather together and look realistically at how their world is being shaped? Their religion prevents then from saying that John Smith (for example) is being a criminal and creating his fortune by nefarious means because this would be seen as negative – EVEN THOUGH IT WAS THE TRUTH! The creators of PMA have been brilliant in their concept and magnificent in the way they have recruited followers. It is now considered far more offensive to say someone is “negative” than it is to say that he is a lying, cheating thief so we should all be seeing that there is something wrong with the picture.

One of the more popular and seditious beliefs promoted by PMA is that many people do not want to work and this is the reason that there is so much poverty. Although there are countries that make it very difficult for people to be employed (and Spain immediately springs to mind) it is true that within these countries people will find ways to work that will circumvent red tape, even if it means that they have to sell their labour for less than the true value. This is an example of the stupidity displayed by those claiming to have PMA but it also demonstrates very clearly how the few people who control the majority of the assets can manipulate the market place to ensure that they will pay the minimum price for the labour needed to create products that they will then sell for the maximum price.

This is not what PMA is about. PMA is like an ointment that has eased a very sore wound. It has given the wealthy the ability to convince the masses that it is enough to stop a wound bleeding – the wound does not need to be healed.

While the brain dead are in charge and while the religion of PMA is allowed to be preached with such zeal and conviction, there can never be social justice. There can never be a popular movement to improve matters.

There can never be progress!!!

Let’s look at my home town – Coín in Andalucia.

Coín is like the passenger who arrives at the dock just in time to see his boat sail away. All around the town are the signs of an Ayuntamiento with the brains of a Dodo and the attitude of an Ostrich. The Ayuntamiento sat on it’s thumbs while the town crumbled all around it.

In ten short years a thriving market town has been converted into a repository for lawyers, dentists and hair dressers. The wealth of general stores and specialist shops run by experts is no longer there. No doubt the Ayuntamiento members have all been chanting the mantra of PMA that “every day in every way we are getting better” and, even worse, believing it!

Do no members of the Ayuntamiento live in Coín? Are all the members of the Ayuntamiento so careless of the future of the town they are paid to serve that they do their shopping in Málaga, Marbella or even Alhaurin el Grande?

PMA declares that you cannot say that Coín has a lot of empty shops because that is negative in its connotations so, I guess the Ayuntamient simply resorts to “being positive” by saying that Coín has a lot of business premises just waiting for people to grasp their opportunities. This is a most damning condemnation of the Ayuntamiento because ot would appear that it does not recognise that the loss of a few euros for the granting of a few licences in the short term could lead to a more vibrant and exciting town in the medium term and, possibly, much greater income potential in the long term.

It is time that the merchants of PMA started to make genuinely valuable statements rather than spouting trite and blatantly false propaganda.

An empty shop earns nothing. A new business in the empty shop might also earn nothing BUT it could have potential.

A resident of Coín could have a great idea for a new business but the Ayuntamiento  should not deliberately block any progress towards the business being created.

People who want to employ others on a short term and part time basis should be able to do so without the ponderous mechanisms of the Ayuntamiento grinding the whole idea into the mud. While the Ayuntamiento should be concerned about the possibility of workers being exploited, it should also be concerned that the money that is available in the short term should be earned and spent in Coín.

It is unfortunate that the cult religion has taken such a strong hold here in Spain. With the plethora of red tape and regulation, I do not imagine that anything more damaging to progress could ever have been invented.


Eternity is a long time!

As an ongoing part of my life time search for the truth, I have been receiving regular visits from some very pleasant Jehova’s Witnesses.

As you can imagine, they have no easy ride with me but at least they do come back and try to provide me with answers. On the last visit I was told that I was not allowing them the necessary time to answer my questions because I kept asking related questions.

The reason for this is simple.

A very annoying and frustrating aspect to asking questions of anybody trying to persuade me that theirs is the true religion is that the answers only come AFTER a Bible has been checked so that the answer usually starts “In the Bible it says . . . . . “, which is fair enough BUT why do they always have to make such a production of searching out the relevant quote?

I am very open in my belief of the Bible being nothing more than a sales manual for the church so it should be clear to anybody talking to me that an answer from within it will be strongly challenged BUT why don’t they know what the Bible says? I am very familiar with the contents because the Bible is an excellent read (especially the more credible Old Testament) so why can’t they just admit that their answer will be as prescribed and not as their personal beliefs might dictate?

One question that received the normal treatment was “What are you going to do for eternity?”

As committed Christians, I would expect anybody trying to bring me into the fold of Jesus would have thought about this and had a personal opinion of just how we will fill our time if we go to Heaven. This, sadly, is not the case. It seems that I have asked about something that is not really a part of the Bible study curriculum.

Some authors; like Randy Alcorn’ have tried to rationalise the way in which eternity will be filled using the hints that appear in the Bible but there is nothing of any substance in what has been written. A common concept is that Adam was given simple and rewarding work in Eden and that we will receive the same type of unspecified work. It is also accepted that we will probably spend a lot of time praising God and thanking Him for our Heavenly reward but how many thanks will God expect to receive in eternity? Will He insist that we constantly remind ourselves of the benefit we receive from His largess?

Another common concept of Heaven seems to be nothing more than the bosom of Abraham or the arms of the Lord in which we will sleep for ever. This bears a remarkable similarity to the belief that there is no life after death which is held by so many non believers.

My questions are always simple but the answers are equally, always ponderous. One day a believer will answer my questions without reference to a Bible and using no biblical quotations because, as a rational being, he has thought it out for himself and knows his answer.

I would love to think that we will be freed to roam the universe and visit the wonders that we are only now coming to realise are to be found out there.

If only it could be so.

Religion or terrorism?

My opinion of those who choose to take the religious route to their future employment has always been low but it has often been tempered by the beliefs of others that religion is an honourable and desirable attribute in any person.

When you look at the early pagan religions, those that were organised in a recognisable manner with an active priesthood and a schedule of “services”, you can see that the basic beliefs held by most people (no matter how primitive) had been adopted and adapted to empower those who claimed to represent whatever deity was being lauded. As soon as there was an organised or recognised religious leader, that leader assumed a major power role in the community or tribe.

Many of these leaders were from the darker side of society, the side that did not fit into the accepted norms. Most were unfit for any type of service that demanded physical attributes and, although they were not ostracised, they were usually left on the periphery of the day to day routines of community life.

I don’t claim to know how they ascended the steps of power but I can imagine that being able to throw a fit and claim to have received a holy message would have been a good first step. However it happened, it is clear that the early priests or holy men were from the disadvantaged and otherwise useless elements of the tribe.

It is clear from most histories that the early religions were both cruel and enforced by fear. The holy men soon learned that their power was reliant upon keeping the people in fear of whatever deity they had decided to promote and, while preaching about the rewards of this life, after death, was effective, nothing worked as well as death itself.

Early religions invariably followed gods that were demanding and cruel. Sacrifices were soon a normal part of religious practice and, of course, human sacrifice became the most powerful supplication to any god.

Human sacrifice was probably the most powerful weapon wielded by the religious leaders. With it they could not only demonstrate their power of life after death but also weed out those dissenters who were not as pliable as their peers.

All modern religions preach of the rewards to be attained after death and many of them still demand sacrifices. It is not surprising that the priesthoods of most religions today have accepted that the sacrifice of wealth is just as acceptable to their gods as was the sacrifice of flesh and blood. This, of course is the basic source of the vast wealth of so many religious institutions.

In the enlightened times in which we live, new religions are being created and followed by people who are more enlightened. Some of these still speak of the rewards of a life after death while others speak of returning to the spiritual whole that is creation. These religions tend to fade quickly because they do not hold the kind of sway that emboldened the old religions. There is nothing like the promise of eternal life or eternal damnation to terrorise a congregation into following the correct path.

While you may not agree with my ideas, think about how the Christian religion has adapted itself to the changes in the religious beliefs and activities of others. It is no coincidence that the god of the old testament is a violent, emotional and vain god. This was a god men could believe in. He was powerful and could lay low the worst of enemies by acts of extreme violence while sparing his own followers. He was also a very demanding god and required sacrifices and burnt offerings on a regular basis – even, at one time, demanding a human sacrifice. As other religions became less violent, the Christian religion reinvented itself and recreated its god. From the credible god of the old testament, a new testament was written in which the personality of the old testament god was eviscerated and replaced with something that is supposed to represent universal and eternal love.

To present this new god in a manner that would make believers of the congregation, the priests went to work creating a whole universe populated by every evil inaginable,

Evil which they, of course, could conquer.

The preaching of religion became the promotion of terror – and the congregation loved it. There is noting like the frisson of fear to make god attractive and affordable.

Positively mental attitude

I am often asked why many of my posts seem to dwell on the darker side of life and my only answer is “because it is there”.

We are living in an age of a new and pernicious religion that goes under the acronym of PMA. This new religion is so pervasive that it has already made its war cry “don’t be so negative” one of the most popular responses to anything that is not accompanied by the smell of roses and the tinkling of prayer bells. It has become much more obvious than Christianity in the number of adherents and in the number of observers of the spoken office.

For me, PMA has always been an abbreviation for “positively mental attitude” because those who promote it in both practice and teaching are apparently unaware of the insanity that they are pushing down so many (often willing) throats. They do not seem to realise that what they deem as negative is actually the power behind every forward move there has ever been in society.

When did the call of “everything in the garden is lovely” EVER promote efforts to improve those parts of the garden that, in truth, were NOT lovely?

The only thing that creates the drive to create and improve matters is the simple ability to see that something is wrong – an ability PMA works tirelessly to erase.

Although many religions have mantras that can be questioned, PMA does not allow questions of any kind. Devotees are actively encouraged to lie to themselves and to deceive others. The early morning mantra of “Every day in every way I am getting better” is the worst possible instance of self deception by the promotion of an unfounded and baseless idea. Those who recite this mantra are often the less worldly wise of the PMA  congregation and their devotion to the new faith makes them believe that saying it will make it so. They condemn themselves to a life of mediocrity and failure.

NOTHING was ever invented because it already existed. NOTHING was ever improved because it was in the optimum state.

NO RELIGION was ever so dangerous and damaging as this weird cult that frowns upon reality to create a level of apathy that borders on suicidal.

Look around you. How many PMA followers do you know? How many people habitually refer to your negativity?

As PMA advances, how rapidly do you see society collapsing?

God’s waiting room

As a small child it never occurred to me that I would ever be as old and frail as the old folk I saw around me. Sometimes I would look at them and wonder what their purpose in life was and if they enjoyed being old.

Being on a chair in God’s waiting room, myself, now, I can freely accept that the purpose of old people is no longer apparent. In less educated days with little vocational training availability and with no politically appointed jobsworths to oversee and destroy the available educational facilities, old folk would help to train and motivate the younger generations. This is no longer the case.

When I look around, I see the collective centuries of experience and skill represented by the population aged over 50 years being disregarded and allowed to decompose with the bodies in which it resides. Ancient skills which could be just as relevant today as they were one hundred years ago are simply ceasing to exist. In agrarian societies, like those most of south European states, the essential nature of working on the land is no longer seen as a reason for young people to work there. While the ability to wield a spanner is financially rewarded at the level the market will support, the ability to grow good potatoes is actively discouraged by a false premise that food must be cheap. Those working on the land see their rewards becoming represented more by a sense of personal satisfaction than by the ability to provide for their families.

In God’s waiting room, the old look on at a world they no longer understand and fear for the future that they will not inherit. I am now one of those old folk of whom I wondered about purpose and joy.

It seems that we have created a world that does not reflect the dreams we once had as young people. We do not see the adventures nor the advantages that our early dreams were redolent of. Instead, we look at a world with no values. We look out at a world that is being terrorised by money and those who wield it – the banks and large corporations. We look out at a world where discoveries are made on a daily basis and then bought up by corporations and hidden away if they do not contribute to the bottom line.

What is worst of all is the fact that the devotion to religion that was the hallmark of the old is no longer evident. While we have always had doubters, we have always had the somewhat cynical belief that as death grew closer, religious belief became stronger.

This no longer seems to be the case.

Whether we die in a state of grace or simply because that is the way things are, all I can see from my seat in God’s waiting room is old folk seeing no future for themselves and trying to understand why they have lived through an era that has seen the futures of their children bought and sold in a corporate car boot sale.

Never has a generation been so betrayed as the one now suffering because of our failures.

Is it really pride?

We have seen celebrations of “Gay Pride” in may parts of the world and I have to ask myself why this particular way of life has become so cannonised. Indeed, Gay pride seems to be far more prevalent than Black Pride.

Has it anything to do, I wonder, with the self parody that a few members of the gay community subject themselves to? Is it because gays have been so desperate to identify themselves, that they have allowed a few insane members of their community to design outfits that owe everything to outrage and nothing to sexual orientation?

From being an identifiable and welcome part of our culture, gays seem to have deliberately chosen to create a group persona which reduces them almost to the knuckle dragging level of British Thuggery as far as instant recognition goes.

Fortunately, most homosexuals and lesbians are valued parts of our community. While some are very talented, the majority are simply people who want to live their lives free of the persecution that was rife not so very many years ago. Flagrantly demonstrating a sexual orientation that makes the majority of people feel uneasy is no way to win friends and influence people – nor is it  particularly meaningful way to assure people that you are quite normal.

It was gratifying to see that the poor, tortured soul of Alan Turing has received a belated royal pardon for his act of gross indecency with another man – a conviction that was sought even though, at the time, he was making significant efforts to help defeat the Nazi U-boat menace by creating what we now know as digital computers (Turing machines). Hopefully there will be a mass of such pardons – an acknowledgement that it is not correct to apply historical moral values to the activities of today.

It is time that the exhibitionist element of homosexuality accepted itself for what it is and ended the constant effort to ridicule and marginalise a large sector of society, and, in so doing, demonstrate that the religious world is totally out of touch with humanity and any god that it might claim to believe in.

The sheep shall inherit the Earth

There seems to be a general movement towards voluntarily instituted insanity – WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

Social sites seem to be designed to promote stupidity, discourage original thought and to create an atmosphere in which these design parameters can be sustained with an absolute minimum of effort.

To be honest, it was not until a personal friend recently demonstrated the inordinate effect of the imaginary world of Facebook on reality, that I finally realised just how much mind control is being exercised by the internet and those who edit the content of social sites. My (ex?) friend is not stupid but, when I see him accepting that giving offence is a one way street, my imagination has to accept that what I have long feared is coming to fruition.

People are being dumbed down to unheard of degrees and being robbed of whatever small reasoning powers they ever had.

How many original posts do you see now in popular social sites?

VERY FEW and the few that you do see are only original until the flocks of “ooh lovely” sheep graze upon them and defecate the posts as “shares”. If they do not understand the posts that does not matter because they are safe in the knowledge that only other, unthinking, “ooh lovely” sheep will read the shared post and then share it in their own turn. They all know that because they are “sharing” something, there is no way that they could be found to have posted something offensive. They also know that in the rare event of the post being read and causing offence, they have two very safe rebuttals to any argument – a Bible quotation or a demonstration of ignorance and intolerance by way of an accusation of negativity or a dip into the Facebook book of insults to provide a verbal attack upon the integrity of the offended person.

Social sites are peopled by flocks of sheep headed by Judas goats to a land of stagnation and conformity. A land where nobody thinks, where nobody has an opinion that is not vetted and approved by the politically correct police and where screams of anguish will follow anything that even approaches the hint of a lack of conformity with the flock mentality.

Having a conversation on a social site was, at one time, refreshing and exhilarating. Ideas and opinions were the basic components of any argument or discussion but, today, “argument” and “discussion” are words of a pornographic nature. Even a mild disagreement will have most site members trembling with anguish as they try to squeeze what they might have inadvertently read into that area of the brain that is dedicated to the eradication of the smallest degree of non-conformity.

While this attitude was restricted to social sites, it was a serious concern but easy to leave out of your own experience and personality once you realised just how debilitating and dangerous it was – but this is no longer the case. It has become more and more apparent that in any group of people talking about just about any topic, be they in a bar or sitting in the park, there will be one person who will be the opinion maker and the rest will defer to him/her to avoid any form of verbal contest.

Original thinkers are a dying breed and it is clear that when they have all gone, the governments of every nation will be able to shepherd their subjects and control them by simple social interference. They will be able to formulate and promulgate suitable opinions to convince the oppressed that life is really quite good and that the shortages will be eased once the terrorism or war is defeated.

The sheep shall truly inherit the Earth while the wolves will have great sport.

We have really blown it!

Oh, boy!
A young chap asked me to define the direction in which I believe modern society is going.

It isn’t going, it has gone!

There is no longer a society in the west that is worthy of the name. Members of the population are no longer individuals with individual beliefs but sheeple with nothing more than a desire to be led or to follow.
+ + + + + + + + +
One of the great potentials of the media is the power for good but this has been corrupted into a power for self enrichment and aggrandisement.
+ + + + + + + + +
How many times do you read that you need to “set goals”? Do you even know how to set one?
A goal is a subliminal target that has neither volume nor substance. Leaders tell you that you must have goals and yet they have a hidden agenda which is designed to destroy you and get you to spend stupid amounts of money on books telling you how to set goals.
What the books really do is set you up to fail!
One of the most powerful and beneficial aspects of life is a simple matter called “serendipity”.
If you research the number of inventions that actually came about because someone had decided what they were going to create, you would find that there are VERY FEW. Most inventions are made despite any goals or plans, they happen by accident – serendipity rules. (Do you really believe that the NASA space programme was designed because someone wanted to invent non-stick frying pans?). If you allow the tyranny of goals or targets to contaminate your thinking processes, you will almost certainly fail or succeed only to find out that someone planning something entirely different had stumbled upon what you wanted to create and cut you off at the pass.
+ + + + + + + + +
How many videos do you watch?
Why aren’t you surprised and horrified that the latest videos are such appalling trash that the stars are nothing more than the basis of a matrix upon which a fantasy figure can be built?
Why do you suppose that the main ingredient of just about any box office success is wanton violence – bloodshed at the slaughterhouse level?
+ + + + + + + + +
Do you or your children play video games?
Why do you only buy those games which have the most realistic gore? When did it become acceptable for children to be desensitised to the wholesale slaughter of people? When did it become permissible to expose young minds to the sort of murder and mayhem that many adults, today, were not even allowed to see at the cinema until fairly recently AND YET WE LET CHILDREN WATCH AND PARTICIPATE IN VIRTUAL REALITY!
+ + + + + + + + +
Our society is spinning around the drain of a cesspool that few of us wish to live in and which even less of us acknowledge.
We see modern youth taking video game reality on to the streets.
We see modern adults afraid to try to stem the tide of corruption because some “expert” has decided that it is all harmless fun.

We have become insane and careless of our own future.
We are possibly living with the final western generation and, like it or not, we are seeing the results of far too much social engineering and far too much political idealism based upon a false idea of what is correct.

When did you last see undiluted and proud patriotism?

70 years ago patriotic youth joined the colours to fight a foe that was determined to destroy our way of life.
The youth of today does not see that we now have a more implacable foe because it does not care for flag or country – it cares only for the next issue of G.T.A. or whatever it sees as fun.

Dumb is as Dumb does.

As I have grown older and seen many around me die before their time, I am often left wondering what the value of the human race really is.

My childhood was spent among people who knew who they were, people who owed nothing to anyone but to whom everyone owed a great deal.

We townsfolk all lived in communities which were like small villages withing larger conurbations. Community rules were unwritten but enforced by both traditional behaviour and a true sense of what was right.

Nobody stole from people of their own or a lesser social status and women and children received special protection. A crime within a community was viewed as shocking and unforgivable. A cime gainst women or children was a terrifying event because it simply broke all the tabboos.

Women were the powerhouses that drove the communities and maintained a tight grip on discipline. A fight between men, especially popular in pubs, would stop immediately a woman intervened and those women who might have been cheering their men on would be quickly brought to heel.

Fast forward sixty years and we find a human race that is totally lacking in saving graces.

People no longer have the self confidence to live their own lives, indeed, there is a whole new industry that has been generated by the opportunist intelligencia which is designed to do nothing more than tell people that they are doing it all wrong and how to live them. Even more frightening is that people are so malleable that they actually seek out self proclaimed experts or buy countless books written by them.

What were accepted as common decency and common sense have been sacrificed on the altar to the gods of ignorance and exploitation.

Community means nothing today. This generation is probably the loneliest one that has ever existed because the age of mass communication and disposable devices has created a nightmare scenario where, it seems, everybody can talk to everybody else but nobody has anything to say.

Laws against inequality and prejudice are ineffective because they create and exacerbate the very aspect of behaviour that they were designed to stop.

Racial prejudice did not exist before dim-witted whites decided that there should be a law against it. Other dim-witted whites, resenting the law and the imposition it made upon their behaviour, decided that this would be a good law to break. Because of this bad law, racial prejudice was fostered and became the acceptable face of patriotism.

Womens liberation was what really started the rot. Women had always been a central part of community life and once they became liberated by their militant sisters, they lost their way and the cohesive strength that was represented by a traditional matriarchy was frittered away and men became ungovernable. As with all groups that are suddenly released from bonds, the reactions of men were unpredictable but also inevitable. The resentment against what was shown to them to be a feminist plot called open season on women. The withdrawal and destruction of the distaff enabled the criminal element to disregard all the social norms that had been established over centuries and to prey upon the whole population.

The human race is now full of victims. There are the victims of crime. There are the victims of social judgement and, worst of all, there are the victims of social scientists and their parasitical brethren who write books and give advice.

Looking at the media, it is so sad to see that people seek knowledge on how to be happy, how to be in love, how to counter their own instincts in situations where their instincts are all that is saving them from grief, how to write letters, how to appear to be more than they are and how to lie to themselves about how great they are.

The human race is all the evidence we need to know that, without a shadow of a doubt, there is no beneficent, loving god. No god could possibly love what the human race represents.

The human race is the final stage of an experiment in self awareness.

It is the stage at which dying of shame is the only option left.

The human race started out with such promise but gave up humanity for decadence and ignorance.

We do not deserve to survive

For many years I was an active member of Adland Pro and spent much time trying to debate my beliefs with others who had sufficiently open minds to be able to form a genuine opinion.

I have always believed that there is a power that we do not understand, indeed, many times I have said that my longevity is probably because there is something on this Earth that I am supposed to achieve.

Now, I am not so sure.

My belief in a power does not translate into anything more nor less than a personal insight into why I believe we exist.

Recent events over the world, particularly those initiated by a country that I have always considered the biggest threat to world peace that could ever exist, tend to make me re-evaluate my vision of the purpose of human life.

I can no longer honestly believe that there is a purpose in my surviving my 6 hour prognosis over 60 years ago. I want to believe that my life has a meaning but recent world events clearly illustrate to me that the sole purpose of mankind is self destruction.

While Christians love to navel gaze and resort to predictions in the Bible, it is now clear to me that Revelations is simply a very altruistic (if dark) view of what happens when a species loses track of the nature that gave it birth. It is a book that any astute observer of the perversity that is humankind could have written if he had bothered to think about what we do with the natural world about us.

We are not explorers, inventors or even blessed with the quality that we describe as humanity, we are simply destructive hooligans that have been let loose upon a world that we neither value nor cherish.

The aggression of military might and ignorant, sectarian divisions has no other purpose (and can have no other result) than self destruction and the release of this blighted planet from a malignancy that is out of control.

The wars instigated by America nd its allies have ensured that there can never be trust between nations.

The dreadful desire of infant nations to support and even emulate American ideals and aims has brought us to a situation that is almost beyond hope.

Recent attempts by Muslims, trained and armed by America to infiltrate the last bastion of Christianity in the western world seems almost designed to ensure that the most dire revelations shall become reality because it is incapable of embracing Christian values and sees the divisions within itself as absolute and irreparable. Ever since the church of Rome declared open season upon non-believers and financed and blessed wholesale murder and subjugation, we have all been damned!

Millions of Christians and Muslims are peaceful, law abiding and innocuous but we have a corrupt infection among us of those who feel that they are entitled to everything – no matter who gets killed in the rush to conquer.

The human body can withstand cancer but, unfortunately, because of the almost inevitable fear that cancer engenders, far too many simply surrender to the threat and cease to function.

This is now happening to the general population.

We have come to accept that one country can be right in everything that it preaches – even though all it preaches is hate.

The vast majority of humanity is inately good but is far too ready to accept that it is powerless in the face of something like 2% of itself that is hateful, venal and totally without scruples.

No lessons have been learned in the past century despite tha slaughter of hundreds of millions of innocent people who were drafted in to a machine that is good for nothing except generating immense wealth for those who control the manufacture and distribution of ever more powerful weapons of mass destruction.

The military minds that control our future are incapable of combating the drive for financial gain that almost invariably start wars that simply can not be won because the will to win does not exist and can not be, financially, justified.

It has become inevitable that each generation sees its best members sacrificed on the altar of greed and avarice.

It has become inevitable that each generation is less well educated and less able to formulate ideas and opinions of its own because the same people who create the weapons and wars also control what we now, laughingly, call “education”.

In an age when there is enough technology to cure the ills of the world and to ensure nobody needs to be hungry, ignorant or stupid, nobody ever seems to ask why there is still avoidable hunger, why there is still a desire to claim superiority and why the vast, peace loving majority is so impotent.

While it is possible for a single person to amass wealth that is impossible to justify on even the most extreme bases, humanity is doomed.

While it is possible for small groups of violently inclined, brain washed morons to dictate the way forward – we do not have a chance of seeing world peace and prosperity.

While we see religious leaders wallowing in obscene luxury, we lose whatever there was that bound us to religion.

Humanity has been transformed into a collection of brute animals being towed around by the ring through its collective nose and, despite many protests and calls for freedom, it is no more than the toy soldier that a small child will happilly use to emulate the behaviour of its elders.

There is no leadership in the world today. We are following idiots down a path that we neither desire nor deserve.

Our own ignorance dooms us.