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For many people, the idea that there is a divine entity that created the world is just too much to swallow but most of them are too timid to acknowledge that there really is no god at all so they attempt to be mystical and “deep thinking” by ascribing all things to Karma.

Karma is a word that is widely used today although very few people could tell you what it is or where it resides.

My own observations tell me that Karma is the comfort blanket of last resort for those who do not accept the existence of a beneficent divinity. It gives these people licence to accept that there is a greater power than themselves and that it will influence their lives depending upon how they live them. In effect, Karma is simply another weapon to enforce a moral lifestyle on the population at large.

The first rule of Karma seems to be that we receive that which we deliver. If we are good people we generate good Karma and our lives will be eased as the good Karma returns to us. This is very similar to the Christian principle that you should “do unto others as they do unto you”, the only difference being that good or bad Karma simply “happen” while doing unto others is a conscious and deliberate choice. 

While Karma does not accept the independent existence of a reconiseable after life as an individual spirit, it does offer some comfort by explaining that we are a part of the universe and that, when we die, we simply become re-absorbed into the natural cycle.

The Ten Commandments of the Bible are very much enshrined into the rules and laws of Karma and, while they are claimed to be of divine inspiration, the similarities and parallels simply emphasize the purpose of religions to moderate human behaviour.

It is gratifying to recognise that humanity accepts the power for evil that it manifests and that there are similar minded groups around the globe stitching together codes that try to moderate human behaviour. In the most common groups the moderation is successful but almost invariably, the necessary mind control of the many by the few will lead to massive intollerance of people outside the groups and so, establish an immediate conflict that strains the very fabric of any new religion. None of the churches that exist today can claim to have risen to emminence because of the application of the rules and regulations that they actively promote – indeed, the history of most religions will include a violent and predatory peiod in which conversion was by force and the fear of death.

Karma is a wonderful idea but there is very little evidence to show that it actually exists as a power on this earth. We see many people gaining from acts of violence and cruelty and they seldom seem to suffer in their turn. We see many people selflessly giving all that they can in material and spiritual aid and yet we also read how these good people are often the victims of greed and violence which the laws of Karma should preclude.

If you are drowning in a flood of the fear of death or the consequences of your own actions, Karma is as good a palliative as any other religious creed.

1 comment to Karma

  • Alberto

    It seems to me that the goal of all religious is to explain in some way why most of the people are suffering and keep the status quo, giving the political power to the rich people. According to the Old Testament if you do not obey the Ten Commandments, God will send you or your descendants a curse and your descendants or you will suffer in life. God punished bad people and even destroyed them.

    I think we can appreciate a change in the New Testament. God kept his/her divine nature and also became a human being. The teachings of Jesus show us a new way to be saved and it consists on helping people in needed. Jesus Christ was killed because He was seen as a thread by the Jewish priests. They had under control the people but they only thought how to become richer. Jesus Christ tried to help poor people, sinners and to heal ill people. He only wanted the best for us. He was against the minority who used the power for getting more and more profits and more and more power. He was an activist in favor of humble people and believed another world is still possible. In my opinion, when Jesus Christ wanted to set the Kingdom of God in this life and not in afterlife. So people with power in the Vatican who thread us talking about hell are criminals. They should invite us to do our best for building the Kingdom of God right now.

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