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The Brexit effect

I have refrained from commenting about Brexit because, in all honesty, I know as much about it as everybody else – NOTHING!

It was amusing in a very sad way to see the propaganda that was generated during the run up to the referendum with the laughable hysteria of Cameron and his “remain” mob causing an equally hysterical response from the “leave” capaign. Each side commissioned reports from so-called experts to prove that their beliefs would most benefit the UK but nobody had the gumption to recognise and state that all of these reports were far from objective because they were created with one purpose only – to terrorise the voters into putting their mark in what was considered to be the right place.

In reality, Brexit is a move that is unprecedented in the European Community and there is absolutely no way of knowing, or even guessing, what the results would be. We allowed vested interest groups to use as black a brush as they could find to paint the future that they wanted us to believe was ahead of us when the choice was made.

The banks and many commercial interests were patently scared that Brexit would affect them adversely – they could see the stagnation that they have created being threatened and told any and every type of lie they could to convince us that we should stay. The voices of reason that tried to persuade us that Brexit was best were soon stilled and the Brexit campaigners had to fight fire with fire and create their own lies and terror scenarios.

The vote was close but, as is inevitable in a democracy, it was not universally popular. So unpopular was it that it became obvious that, for the duration, the UK has ceased to be a democracy and has become more of a hegemony driven by the wealth that the remainers wish to protect, no matter the degree of legitimacy of how it was created.

We are now faced with a Prime Minister who is preparing to fight for the right of a democracy to be ruled by a democratic majority while the scaremongers of the remain camp release and re-release surveys and reports that were written during the referendum campaign and after it.

To be blunt, there are no real facts to be considered where Brexit is concerned. We have not seen the massive collapses in trade that were forecast but we have seen a Bank of England inspired major devaluation of the Pound Sterling. This was inevitable following the failure of Cameron to stop talking the country down when he realised he might have misjudged the temper of the British people and, every time there is good financial news, the Bank of England seems to have another report to ensure that the improvement does not continue.

It was my hope that the UK would unify under the Brexit flag (since that was the democratic choice) but the few people with their hands on the levers of power and the ignorant, self serving “celebrities” run a constant campaign of Chinese whispers to ensure that no gain will ever be consolidated.

Whether Brexit is the way to go or not I neither know nor care. As I said, there is no precedent and nothing valid upon which to base an opinion. I was not allowed to vote in the referendum and quite rightly so – I do not live in the UK and while I accept that the UK government is no friend of mine as an emigrant in Spain, the vote should not have been as parochial as so many people who chose to leave the country seem to think.

Spain should have tried to leave the EU before the UK because Spain has been crippled by EU legislation and the idea that a country that is not maintaining the levels of growth arbitrarily mandated by the German dictatorship should be forced into even heavier penury by being massively fined is the economics of the insane.

Maybe we will see no divorce proceedings if Article 50 cannot be activated.

Maybe, instead, we will see an instant withdrawal of the UK from the EU by the simple repeal of the 1972 Treaty of Accession. This treaty was imposed upon the British people and does not require tortuous and damaging negotiations for freeing the UK.

The UK could be free of the financial commitment to the EU (and the massive penalty for the fall in the value of the Pound Sterling) by Christmas and then be free to negotiate with whichever country it wishes – and there seems to be no shortage of them.

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