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Make work

I was not very surprised to be challenged on my posts relating to PMA and Luck but it is sad that the challengers are all worshippers at the feet of PMA gurus.

No matter what these people actually believe, not one of them is in a position that I would call “comfortable” considering their claimed social standing and employment.

We are living in a society that has no clear direction in which it wishes to travel because those we trusted to lead us are simply not fit for purpose. The days of dedicated public servants are long gone as are the days of satisfaction at work. If we look around us, the wealthiest people seem to be those who claim to know what everybody else should do to improve their lots in life. They are sharlatans. They are selling dreams – your own dreams!

What is a dream?

Many believe that dreams are the evidence that our brains are sorting and storing information that has been acquired since the last period of sleep. Few of us can recall our dreams although we may be aware that we did have dreams – I know I do and, with the exception of dreams that follow a repetitious and recognisable theme, I am no different.

Many others believe that dreams are a way to make money. They believe that if they write a book that seems to be based upon some sort of science, no matter how weird, they can exploit those who wish to believe that they can influence their lives by some form of rational acts as described within the pages of the book. This is not true.

Look around yourself and see how many people you can see who wear the mantle of success while clearly demonstrating their own abject failures. How many “self improvement” gurus are actually in a state of life to which any normal person would espire? How many “life experts” do not have anything approaching a life of their own which would qualify them to claim to be sufficiently qualified? How many internet marketing sharks are out there trying to sell the “dream” of untold wealth achieved by little effort or no effort at all? How many psychologists are out there pontificating on the mental state of individuals with whom they spend minimal time but who happen to make a few statements that can put them into a diagnosis that is recognised but not understood?

I could go on but the simple fact is that society is bogged down in “experts” who simply manage to say an acceptable thing at the right time with the right people listening. We have within our midst a parasitic band of opportunists who serve no-one but themselves and who have discovered a way to bamboozle otherwise sane people into believing that they have something relevant and valuable to say.

Of these people, the very worst is the clan of internet sharketers. They will try to sell anything to anybody and, once they have a paying customer, have the nerve and the gall to ensure that the customer becomes a regular contributer to their wealth. Internet sharketers make all sorts of wild promises, even going so far as to say “I will do all of the work while you take all of the profit” – a transparently false statement but one which the desperate will believe and borrow money to support.

It beggars belief that these sharketers will provide “training” material, which they have obtained for free, at prices that would make a rich man wince. Even worse, DESPERATE PEOPLE PAY THEM FOR IT! One of the most profitable items to sell is a small matter called “search engine optimisation” or SEO. It is most profitable because the customer has unwittingly committed himself to a regular payment for a service that does not stand any form of scrutiny. The idea that someone selling a service that will make your sales move to the top of search engine results begs the question of how they manage to make the search engines abandon the sites they have habitually seen as authoritative and start to show up yours instead. The only way they can show that you are in the top results is to use outlandish key words that nobody will ever search for like “greenwallsandyellowgates”. These keywords have been given the fancy nomenclature of “long tail key words” and if you are shown a search by the “SEO expert” you might not notice that he will enter it with quotation marks to ensure that your site is bound to be on the first page of results, if not in the top position. One key word I used to demonstrate this was “greenwallsand yellowgates” which, hardly surprisingly achieved number one position on Google until it was copied and then diluted by similar long tail key words. (As a matter of interest, I will add it as a keyword to this post so you can see if it still works:)

It is very sad that people wanting to make money on the internet do not understand how the world of commerce works. The vast majoity of them fall into the same category as those people who receive enticing snail mail and open themselves up to being fleeced. The message has not yet penetrated that to sell, you have to have a product that people want to buy, you have to let them know you have it and you then have to be able to exchange your product for their cash. It really does not matter how many people visit your site if none of them want to buy what you are selling and it is this fact that makes so many internet sharketers so very wealthy by selling dreams.

The same can be said of every other sort of “expert” who is doing nothing but selling a person their very own dreams. If the general population was not so gullible and and TV whipped as it is, there would be far less “experts” selling you your dreams and, in effect, making work for themselves to be so richly rewarded for doing.

The world is a simple enough place to figure out. You will succeed if you provide a service or product that is in demand or you will simply perform well if you enable those people with the service or product to get it to the rest of the people.

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