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Dumb is as Dumb does.

As I have grown older and seen many around me die before their time, I am often left wondering what the value of the human race really is.

My childhood was spent among people who knew who they were, people who owed nothing to anyone but to whom everyone owed a great deal.

We townsfolk all lived in communities which were like small villages withing larger conurbations. Community rules were unwritten but enforced by both traditional behaviour and a true sense of what was right.

Nobody stole from people of their own or a lesser social status and women and children received special protection. A crime within a community was viewed as shocking and unforgivable. A cime gainst women or children was a terrifying event because it simply broke all the tabboos.

Women were the powerhouses that drove the communities and maintained a tight grip on discipline. A fight between men, especially popular in pubs, would stop immediately a woman intervened and those women who might have been cheering their men on would be quickly brought to heel.

Fast forward sixty years and we find a human race that is totally lacking in saving graces.

People no longer have the self confidence to live their own lives, indeed, there is a whole new industry that has been generated by the opportunist intelligencia which is designed to do nothing more than tell people that they are doing it all wrong and how to live them. Even more frightening is that people are so malleable that they actually seek out self proclaimed experts or buy countless books written by them.

What were accepted as common decency and common sense have been sacrificed on the altar to the gods of ignorance and exploitation.

Community means nothing today. This generation is probably the loneliest one that has ever existed because the age of mass communication and disposable devices has created a nightmare scenario where, it seems, everybody can talk to everybody else but nobody has anything to say.

Laws against inequality and prejudice are ineffective because they create and exacerbate the very aspect of behaviour that they were designed to stop.

Racial prejudice did not exist before dim-witted whites decided that there should be a law against it. Other dim-witted whites, resenting the law and the imposition it made upon their behaviour, decided that this would be a good law to break. Because of this bad law, racial prejudice was fostered and became the acceptable face of patriotism.

Womens liberation was what really started the rot. Women had always been a central part of community life and once they became liberated by their militant sisters, they lost their way and the cohesive strength that was represented by a traditional matriarchy was frittered away and men became ungovernable. As with all groups that are suddenly released from bonds, the reactions of men were unpredictable but also inevitable. The resentment against what was shown to them to be a feminist plot called open season on women. The withdrawal and destruction of the distaff enabled the criminal element to disregard all the social norms that had been established over centuries and to prey upon the whole population.

The human race is now full of victims. There are the victims of crime. There are the victims of social judgement and, worst of all, there are the victims of social scientists and their parasitical brethren who write books and give advice.

Looking at the media, it is so sad to see that people seek knowledge on how to be happy, how to be in love, how to counter their own instincts in situations where their instincts are all that is saving them from grief, how to write letters, how to appear to be more than they are and how to lie to themselves about how great they are.

The human race is all the evidence we need to know that, without a shadow of a doubt, there is no beneficent, loving god. No god could possibly love what the human race represents.

The human race is the final stage of an experiment in self awareness.

It is the stage at which dying of shame is the only option left.

The human race started out with such promise but gave up humanity for decadence and ignorance.

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