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We do not deserve to survive

For many years I was an active member of Adland Pro and spent much time trying to debate my beliefs with others who had sufficiently open minds to be able to form a genuine opinion.

I have always believed that there is a power that we do not understand, indeed, many times I have said that my longevity is probably because there is something on this Earth that I am supposed to achieve.

Now, I am not so sure.

My belief in a power does not translate into anything more nor less than a personal insight into why I believe we exist.

Recent events over the world, particularly those initiated by a country that I have always considered the biggest threat to world peace that could ever exist, tend to make me re-evaluate my vision of the purpose of human life.

I can no longer honestly believe that there is a purpose in my surviving my 6 hour prognosis over 60 years ago. I want to believe that my life has a meaning but recent world events clearly illustrate to me that the sole purpose of mankind is self destruction.

While Christians love to navel gaze and resort to predictions in the Bible, it is now clear to me that Revelations is simply a very altruistic (if dark) view of what happens when a species loses track of the nature that gave it birth. It is a book that any astute observer of the perversity that is humankind could have written if he had bothered to think about what we do with the natural world about us.

We are not explorers, inventors or even blessed with the quality that we describe as humanity, we are simply destructive hooligans that have been let loose upon a world that we neither value nor cherish.

The aggression of military might and ignorant, sectarian divisions has no other purpose (and can have no other result) than self destruction and the release of this blighted planet from a malignancy that is out of control.

The wars instigated by America nd its allies have ensured that there can never be trust between nations.

The dreadful desire of infant nations to support and even emulate American ideals and aims has brought us to a situation that is almost beyond hope.

Recent attempts by Muslims, trained and armed by America to infiltrate the last bastion of Christianity in the western world seems almost designed to ensure that the most dire revelations shall become reality because it is incapable of embracing Christian values and sees the divisions within itself as absolute and irreparable. Ever since the church of Rome declared open season upon non-believers and financed and blessed wholesale murder and subjugation, we have all been damned!

Millions of Christians and Muslims are peaceful, law abiding and innocuous but we have a corrupt infection among us of those who feel that they are entitled to everything – no matter who gets killed in the rush to conquer.

The human body can withstand cancer but, unfortunately, because of the almost inevitable fear that cancer engenders, far too many simply surrender to the threat and cease to function.

This is now happening to the general population.

We have come to accept that one country can be right in everything that it preaches – even though all it preaches is hate.

The vast majority of humanity is inately good but is far too ready to accept that it is powerless in the face of something like 2% of itself that is hateful, venal and totally without scruples.

No lessons have been learned in the past century despite tha slaughter of hundreds of millions of innocent people who were drafted in to a machine that is good for nothing except generating immense wealth for those who control the manufacture and distribution of ever more powerful weapons of mass destruction.

The military minds that control our future are incapable of combating the drive for financial gain that almost invariably start wars that simply can not be won because the will to win does not exist and can not be, financially, justified.

It has become inevitable that each generation sees its best members sacrificed on the altar of greed and avarice.

It has become inevitable that each generation is less well educated and less able to formulate ideas and opinions of its own because the same people who create the weapons and wars also control what we now, laughingly, call “education”.

In an age when there is enough technology to cure the ills of the world and to ensure nobody needs to be hungry, ignorant or stupid, nobody ever seems to ask why there is still avoidable hunger, why there is still a desire to claim superiority and why the vast, peace loving majority is so impotent.

While it is possible for a single person to amass wealth that is impossible to justify on even the most extreme bases, humanity is doomed.

While it is possible for small groups of violently inclined, brain washed morons to dictate the way forward – we do not have a chance of seeing world peace and prosperity.

While we see religious leaders wallowing in obscene luxury, we lose whatever there was that bound us to religion.

Humanity has been transformed into a collection of brute animals being towed around by the ring through its collective nose and, despite many protests and calls for freedom, it is no more than the toy soldier that a small child will happilly use to emulate the behaviour of its elders.

There is no leadership in the world today. We are following idiots down a path that we neither desire nor deserve.

Our own ignorance dooms us.

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