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IM is incestuous

One of the aspects of online business that has had me chewing girders and spitting out tin tacks recently is the way newbies to the internet are being systematically embroiled in a world of absolute deception.

The more I look around for help and ideas to assist in my laid back attempt to earn a little money on the web, the more I see that most products in the internet marketing world are worse than junk – they are misleading.

Mobile Sites are being promoted as the be all and end all of routes to inevitable success. This is so ridiculous that I often have to retreat to a dark room to recover after reading the latest fiction about them. Someone on FaceBook actually had the nerve to claim that over 75% of all web searches over the Christmas holidays were done on mobile phones. Apart from the fact that the mechanism to record access routes to the web does not exist, is there a single person out there stupid enough to believe this figure? I have done a bit of web browsing on my mobile to see what all the fuss is about.

Browsing the web on a mobile is a painful and unrewarding experience. The screen size is pathetically inadequate to read even a short marketing article and filling out an order form, even for a purchase on eBay, can be a nightmare if you do not have a querty keyboard. Looking at FaceBook posts by mobile, they all have one very simple aspect in common – they are short, cryptic and often consist only of an image.

The mobile revolution on the internet is not so great that newbies need to worry about it – especially as they can create perfectly mobile friendly web sites with free software (especially WordPress).

Article Spinning is promoted as the life saver for all newbies because they can prevent penalties from the search engines if duplicated content is discovered. This is such an idiotic process that I wonder at the mentality of people who actually boast that they always spin their articles. Article spinning does only one thing, it degrades and devalues the article that is being spun. Sometimes an article can be improved by the substitution of a more precise word but this is not usually the case. Look around any article site that does not value the quality of submissions (errr, that would be all of them) and you will see the appalling results of article spinning.

The simple fact is that no search engine will penalise any domain for containing information that is duplicated on a different domain. I doubt that the search engines even have the capacity to compare 10,000,000 new articles per day on 3,000,000 different domains to discover if any are the same. The ONLY time content is seen as duplicatedis when it is within the same domain.

Link Cloaking is another piece of stupidity foisted upon the unwary by the unscrupulous. The story goes that if you cloak your links, you will not have your commission stolen by people removing your affiliate ID from your link (and sometimes replacing it with theirs). This is such a transparent lie that it is to the shame of anybody who ever bought and used a link cloaker. If someone does not want you to receive commission, all they need to do is to see where your link goes – and then go there by entering the url (which is conveniently displayed on the screen) and buying directly. As for the argument that affiliate links are “ugly”, it only requires a simple bit of HTML coding to change the “ugly” url to a simple “click here”.

There are many ways in which newbies are being lied to, misdirected, sold useless products and generally bamboozled.

If you are a newbie, think about what I have said and then think carefully about the stuff other internet marketers are trying to teach you or sell to you.

Forget that you want to be an internet marketer!

If you look very carefully at most of the products being offered to you, they are only designed to appeal to the vanity embedded in the aura of your chosen career.

If you are going to be successful you must get back to thinking like a prospect. You have to go back to looking at web sites as though you are a potential customer!

Think about what you would do to buy something. How would you find out about it?

Answer that question honestly and you will expose the biggest lie of all.

Ordinary people looking for something to buy do not reach for their computer first. They visit their local shops. Forget all the rubbish spoken about the huge growth in online shopping because that growth is driven by high street stores, especially supermarkets, making regular consumable purchases easier. Companies like Amazon, Tesco, Mercadona and eBay will not be usurped by but can be the source of additional information about products and their alternatives.

Most people who buy as a result of an initial web search are people like you – wannabe internet marketers who have swallowed all the hype.

There is a place for you on the web and you can make monery but you have to stop thinking that you must join the liars and prevaricators out there who simply try to rip off their fellow wannabe marketers.

Make your web site the sort of place you would visit (and keep visiting) for information about specific products. If you think like a prospect, your website will be prospect friendly.

It isn’t hard but it isn’t instant either.


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