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End Of Days?

I firmly believe that the eradication of the dinosaurs was probably an exercise in quality control by God.

I also believe that we are seeing the start of a similar exercise by God aimed at mankind.

It is not difficult to understand why God would want to rub us out so He could start again. Just look at the mess we have made!

As huge as the oceans are, we, an insignificant entity, have managed to polute them to such an extent that there are no areas left that are free of man’s detritus.

On land we are seeing wasteful agricultural practices designed to mass produce individual crops and the use of artificial (and possibly dangerous) fertilisers to replace nutrients in the soil that would have been replaced by standard crop rotation in the past.

In our food we are seeing the drive for profits encouraging the use of genetically modified organisms without any testing at all as to the long term consequences.

In our beliefs we are seeing God being dragged down to the level of a justification for one race to invade and destroy another. We are seeing hysterical outbursts from Christians determined to be “more holy than you” and muslims determined to avenge the massive slaughter inflicted upon them by Christian armies of occupation and invasion.

In our growth we are seeing massive over-population of a world that could support us but which is not allowed to because of political insanity. There is no collective will to make the deserts bloom and to build towns and cities without destroying agricultural land.

In our economies we are seeing artificial debts being created and expanded in order to fuel the insecurity of the masses. Why are they artificial? Think about it. America claims to have debts of 15+ trillions of dollars and yet there is no reduction in expenditure. The American people are being told that extra “borrowing” is required (as are those of other countries) and yet there is not a single country that can justify the borrowing or even say, honestly, where the money has gone. The reason they can’t is because the borrowing does not exist!

Let’s say Tom, Dick and Harry want to play “King of the Castle”. Tom needs to buy a moat to protect his castle. He builds the moat out of his normal income then uses the moat as security to borrow money from Dick and Harry. Dick needs to buy a portcullis for his castle so he buys and installs one using his normal income. Dick then uses his portcullis as security to borrow money from Tom and Harry. Since Tom already owes Dick the money he borrowed using his moat as security, it would make sense for him to re-pay the loan and save Dick from going into debt – but that does not happen. As a result Tom owes Dick and Harry and Dick owes Tom and Harry. After his own improvements, Harry will owe Tom and Dick. In effect, six debts have been created but none have been paid off. This means that the debts are residual and could, at any time, be journalised against each other and be drastically reduced in total. God has seen fit to allow mankind to blind itself with materialism and deny the simple truth of the money markets. Is it really sensible for Tom, Dick and Harry to be in debt to each other when they are living within their means and the borrowed money was not required in the first place? This is a huge simplification but it explains why national debts appear to be so huge – God has put people in charge who can not see the simple logic of off-setting mutual debts. He is deliberately allowing mankind to terrorise itself.

Eventually an idiot race will launch an atomic war against the rest of the world. There will be a very long delay while God decides what, if anything, should replace mankind as His caretaker of the Earth.

One thing I know for sure, God did not create us to be so contemptuous of His teaching. I despair as I see the ramblings of the peculiar Christians who pride themselves in knowing THE TRUTH. Pride, they say, comes before a fall and I believe these prideful Christians have possibly condemned mankind to the very Hell that they fear so much.

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