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Am I an MLM product?

I am having a real problem with social site and Sunday Christians at the moment. Their pontifications and constant references to Jesus in their posts has me wondering what the hell these people talk like when they are not posting.

The levels of hypocrisy that are plain for all to see are mind boggling.

A dog called Marko recently rescued and in need of  veterinary help was refused EVEN A SINGLE DOLLAR by all but three people on FaceBook. Two people even told me I was wrong to appeal for help for a dog when people needed help. This is absolutely indicative of the duplicity and lip service the Christians pay to their religion. Even worse, one of these two people even had the gall to post the picture of a loving dog and say how people could learn from them.

There seems to be something basically wrong when a collection of people listen to the words of a man in a frock, especially if that man in a frock is pontificating about homosexual men (the vast majority of whom would not want to be seen dead in a frock!). Why does wearing the frock also require that a shirt collar be worn back to front? Is this to try to fool the Devil that they are looking the other way?

There must also be a reasonable degree of concern when many Christian churches practice a form of mystical cannibalism in order to secure their souls and acknowledge someone who was tortured to death on a cross.

I like to put my faith to the test by asking questions and seeking the opinions of others. It is very sad when the only response I get is from “a Biblical quote for all occasions” – especially when the quote is neither apposite nor transparent. It is fairly obvious that most of these Christians do not know their Bible as well as they could (or should).

One huge inconsistency that has me puzzled by social site and Sunday Christians is the way they claim that everything good is a direct result of the actions of God or Jesus while they are in denial that if He can do good, He could also be responsible for some bad. (After all, He does work in mysterious ways!) One recent film on YouTube showed an athlete winning despite some adverse actions by others. Naturally, there was the sanctimonious claim that it was the strength of Jesus that made winning possible – not the dedication, discipline, training and courage of the athlete. This is crass stupidity because we all know that if the athlete had not won, Jesus would most certainly NOT have been blamed.

Despite my open doubts, my oft stated questions and my easy accessibility, why are no Christians strong enough in their faith to enter into an open discussion? Why are they so vain and full of pride that they feel that a Bible quote is all that is necessary to win any argument. They won’t even accept the premise that the Bible, having been written, translated and transcribed by men might not actually be the word of God.

The Christian church is on to a good thing. It pre-dated multi level marketing by many centuries and  is actually a brilliant MLM model to follow.

1 – Find a hungry market – people scared of dying

2 – Create a product for the market – a book (the Bible)

3 – Enrol affiliates to service and expand the market – priests

4 – Create add-on products that can be sold repeatedly – indulgencies, holy water, religious artifacts

5 – Make the product a membership with regular membership fees payable – build churches, make collections, tythe the land

This MLM system has created enormous wealth while claiming to be aiding the poor and starving masses. The priests are well known for living in a manner far superior to their poor parishioners. Bishops and higher ranked priests display obscene wealth and contempt for those who should be able to go to them for assistance. Huge swathes of real estate or small pockets of very high value real estate have been acquired and yet they serve no useful purpose apart from the aggrandisement of the priests. The whole raison d’etre of the church is to make money. The buildings are often stuffed with treasures while in the houses nearby poor people cannot eat properly yet still contribute to the already immeasurable wealth of the church.

I cannot believe in a God that would lend itself to such vainglorious and uncharitable activities. It puzzles me that the dichotomy of good and evil should be so perfectly illustrated by the very organisation designed to promote good and banish evil.

Yes. I am having a real problem with social site and Sunday Christians at the moment.

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