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Smack or spoil?

There is a whole raft of sad and abusive treatment of children but it beggars belief that a parent who smacks a child should be automatically promoted into the ranks of child beaters, child molesters and child abusers.

The world of psychiatry is populated by people with letters after their names that simply indicate that enough study was done to pass an exam that cannot be failed.

My own professional qualification in Economics is very similar to that of psychiatry. As long as you can postulate a theory and produce enough logical reasons to support it and enough precedent (ie. the work of other people) to add ‘authority’, you cannot fail an Economics exam. This is probably why it is not graded very highly in respect of the rest of the professional qualification.

A remarkably disturbing aspect of many of the pundits who try to tell parents how to look after their children is that they themselves are childless.

Another aspect that is equally disturbing is the way that they can look at the work and promote the work of others without checking them out.

For example (and he is not unique by any means) Konrad Stettbacher was a very highly regarded voice in the world of child abuse and the results of early age trauma. People as ‘qualified’ as Alice Miller espoused his work and based much of their own opinion upon his treatises and published papers. They had to very rapidly withdraw when he was charged with many counts of child sexual abuse!

Creating a theory and then producing ‘surveys’ that in any other field would not even be accepted as a mathematically representative sample is a way that many charlatans create fear and aquire massive lists of patients from whom to extract great wealth. It is not possible to estimate the damage that psychiatrists do in their imaginary world of ideal circumstances.

It is not so long ago that the whole question of the results of child abuse was raised amid concerns that the massive wave of ‘me too’ claims was being created by the way that questions were asked of children and the ‘toys’ that were used to stimulate the imagination and required responses of the subject children. There has never been a full rebuttal of the claim that adults claiming to have been damaged by ‘brutal’ parents were actually being fed memories that they did not really have. It was seen that on many ocassions a very tiny incident that an adult could remember was latched onto by the psychiatrist and milked for all it was worth. This was very rapidly swept under the hypothetical carpet.

The child abuse industry is massive marketing and brain washing by ‘professionals’ who have little or no day to day contact with children except as laboratory guinea pigs.

It is my belief that the suggestive power and the naïvety of subjects unfortunate enough to fall under the evil influence of malignant self interest are the real worms in our apple.

Political correctness and the massive industry that has been created around it is an evil that Satan himself wiould be proud of. Whenever the still, small voice of reason tries to make itself heard, the howls and derision from the ‘interested marketing parties’ indicates quite simply that they are not reasonable, are not willing to hear anything that might challenge their cash cow and do not allow that any other opinion but their own has any value.

How on Earth has western civilisation managed to survive all these years with so many ordinary adults being ruled by their suppressed memories of abuse?

Isn’t it time that the hysteria about ‘every parent being a child beater’ came under close scrutiny by a panel of experts – PARENTS!

My own experiences as a child were fairly typical. I was smacked when haughty but it never, ever occured to me that my parents were being cruel. I knew that they loved me and I knew that it was my own fault that I had been smacked (indeed, I would often realise while I was doing something that I would have to set the illicit pleasure off against the temporary sting of a smack).

Parents were aware of a very simple matter. A smack tells the child in no uncertain terms that it has behaved unacceptably. The sting of the slap is not a major trauma – the biggest trauma I ever felt was shame that I had done what I should not have done. My punishment was apt and instant.

Compare a smack with half an hour of nagging and whining about why ‘we don’t do that’ and I think that most rational people will see the sense of instant and effective punishment.

While the subject of child correction or discipline is shaded by the hysterical shrieking of (often) childless theorists, any parents who love their children enough to give an instant response to bad behaviour will be branded as a child beater, a brutal parent or, even worse, a criminal.

Originally published at Qondio

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